today I deleted my Instagram account. I was an early adopter (2012) and loved it and spent way too much time on it. The platform rekindled my love of taking images and, at the start, acted as a type of visual diary for me. But it’s changed and grown so much since then. This is the reply I wrote to someone who asked why I had left

" I just can’t participate in a business that has so much power, that is not an altruistic public service but a vast commercial empire that interferes in elections and is as happy to run an advert next to a cute video of a puppy as it is next to a video of abuse. It’s a pretty scary space.

also such a shocking time waster! It’s interesting since I gave up drinking how I recognise habitual areas in my life and want to make sure I’m not just blindly doing something. "

So, instead, I will occasionally post photos and little observations of our new life unfolding on this island at the end of the earth here. But right now I need to get outside and water the vegetables and help Scott build our house.