The Telepathy Project







1960s and 1970s performance art has been a seminal influence on contemporary art as we know it. Chris Burden, Valie Export, Paul McCarthy and Bruce Nauman are just a few examples of progenitors of Performance Art as a movement. More recently artists like Mike Parr, Jill Orr, Stelarc and many others

have provided significant Australian contributions to this ongoing discourse.

Once More with Feeling brings together a diverse group of nine Melbourne based performance and video art practitioners to unravel why this art form is so important today and to provide a local and contemporary perspective on this discussion. The participating artists explore diverse themes within their work but each uses themselves as the core subject – employing the artist’s persona as a cipher to explore broader themes links this work to its antecedents.

As an audience, our experience of Performance Art is often mediated through viewing surviving video and documentation of original live performances. Curated by Meredith Turnbull, Once More with Feeling attempts to devolve this sense of art historical and museological archive by exploring how that per-spective can infuse performance art being made today.

- Timothy Kendall Edser

- The Telepathy Project, (Veronica Kent/ Sean Peoples)

- Bridie Lunney

- Sarah Lynch

- Gabriella Mangano/Silvana Mangano

- Alex Martinis Roe

- David Simpkin.