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The Telepathy Project @ The Forum Theatre

Next Wave Festival

Plein Air Dreaming (The Telepathy Project)

Telepathy and Love: The Spanish Apartment

West Space

Funny Face

Ryan Renshaw

Once More With Feeling (The Telepathy Project)

Curated by Meredith Turnbul

Dreaming The Collection (The Telepathy Project)

The National Gallery of Victoria. “Melbourne Now”

Motel Dreaming (The Telepathy Project)

Dark Mofo

Star Pavilion (The Telepathy Project)


Practicing Love Songs for Spring 1883

Spring 1883 for Sarah Scout Presents

Tom and Eva: From The Collection (The Telepathy Project)

Telapathy and Love The Spanish Apartment (The Telepathy Project)

Australia Council for the Arts


Reading Solaris to the Great Moorool (The Telepathy Project)

TarraWarra Museum of Art

Dream Studio (The Telepathy Project)

Gertrude Contemporary

Dreaming the Collection (video excerpt)

National Gallery Of Victoria

Fold Me

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Dreaming the Arabian Sea (The Telepathy Project)

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Freud Transfers (The Telepathy Project)

Yarra Valley Glass Harp (video)

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Telepathic Sticky Notes

20 days of Dream Telepathy (The Telepathy Project)

Gertrude Contemporary, The Museum of Contempoaray Art, Grimmsmuseum.

Roman Charity

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Telepathy with A Constructed World

Dreaming The Arabian Sea Animation

PhD show

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