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The Telepathy Project at the Forum Theatre


Next Wave Festival




The Telepathy Project at The Forum Theatre consisted of a series of intimate telepathic exchanges performed publicly.

For four hours each night for five days, artists Sean Peoples and Veronica Kent isolated themselves from each other in the front windows of the Forum Theatre, with no way of communicating, other than telepathically. Every 15 minutes the artists wrote down the outcome of their most recent telepathic exchange on time-coded Post-It notes. These notes were stuck on to the glass window for the passing Flinders Street audience to read. This growing archive of notes were written in a stream-of-consciousness, unguarded, honest and confessional style. The notes were on display 24 hours a day for the duration of the show and formed the text of a printed publication produced at the end of the season.

Sean Peoples and Veronica Kent’s work is inspired by a desire to experience other possible ways of being in relation to each other. Both Veronica and Sean are interested in setting up encounters that test and provoke such relationships, both between each other and a broader public. These encounters are realised and documented in a variety of forms including videos, online archives, lectures, telepathically curated exhibitions, drawings and performances.