Veronica Kent

BORN Sydney, Australia, 1970

Lives and works Bruny Island, Nuenonne Country,

Tasmania, Australia

Represented by Sarah Scout Presents


2012 PhD, University of Melbourne

2007 Bachelor of Fine Arts with First Class Honours, Victorian College of the Arts

Veronica Kent is an Australian based artist involved in two parallel practices:

‘The Telepathy Project’ (TP)* is a collaboration between Veronica and Sean Peoples that considers the possibility that telepathy might exist as a starting point to explore a range of interrelated questions on collaboration, intimacy, perception and interpretation. Telepathy serves as both a metaphor and a prompt for the generation of works that have included events made with people from around the world at varying physical distances and degrees of intimacy that have manifested as curatorial projects, lectures, musicals, drawings, paintings, dream experiments, institutional interventions and group happenings.

Veronica’s solo practice incorporates painting, photography, installation and collage to explores narratives and portraits of characters (both real and imagined) engaged in moments of wonder, and how these acts/states connect us to each other and to place


2019 Arts Tasmania, Jeju Residency, South Korea

2016 Australia Council, Arts Project Grant (TP)*

2014 Australia Council, Experimental Art grant (as part of The Unconscious Collective) (TP)

2014 New Initiatives, the Faculty of VCA & MCM and Department of Premier and Cabinet (TP)

2014 Artbank/Gertrude Contemporary New Work commission (TP)

2013 Australia Council, ArtStart grant

2012-2014 Gertrude Contemporary Studio Artist

2009-2012 Australian Post Graduate Award

2011 University of Melbourne CCRAFS funding for research at the Freud Museum London

2011 Melbourne Abroad Traveling Scholarship for research at the Freud Museum Vienna

2011 Australia Council, Barcelona Studio Residency (TP)

2010 Bundanon Trust Residency (TP)

2008 Arts Victoria Presentation Grant

2008 City of Melbourne Presentation Grant

2007 DOWD Fellowship (Athens Residency)

2007 Janet Holmes a’ Court Grant

2003 KASKE Award



-Instrument Builders #6 – Atelier IBP, for MONA FOMA. Tasmania, Australia

-Teleplasticity and Activist Neuroaesthetics in Video Art – Sawtooth ARI. Launceston, Australia.



-'Numinosity', Contemporary Art Tasmania, Hobart.

-'Dreaming The Collection' as part of 'activist-neuro-aesthetics', Babylon Theatre, Berlin.



-ISLAND, Sarah Scout Presents, Melbourne, Australia.


-'Zzzzz: Sleep, Somnambulism, Madness', Gertrude Contemporary/Murray Art Museum, Albury



-'Zzzzz: Sleep, Somnambulism, Madness', Gertrude Contemporary/Melbourne International Festival.

-'The Telepathy Project', Melbourne Art Book Fair, NGV, Melbourne



-'A Meeting Of Waters', Shepparton Art Museum, Victoria.

-'The End of Time, The beginning of Time', Gertrude Contemporary, Victoria.



-'I Get Nervous At Bulls and Eagles', Sarah Scout Presents, Melbourne, Australia.


-'Angels and Dogs', Room 301 for Spring 1883.


-'Neverwhere', Gaia Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey: for ASIALINK.

-'Spring 1883' for Sarah Scout Presents, Sydney, Australia.

-'From the Collection: Chapter One', Warrnambool Art Gallery + Gertrude Contemporary, Victoria, Australia.

-'Amber Stones and Green', Kings, Melbourne, Australia.



-'Roman Charity', Bus Projects, Melbourne, Australia

-'Ghosts', Bakehouse Public Art Paste-up, Melbourne, Australia

-'Practicing Love Songs', Spring 1883, for Sarah Scout Presents, Windsor Grand Hotel, Melbourne, Australia.


-'STAR PAVILION', (TP) MPavilion, Queen Victoria Memorial Gardens, Melbourne, Australia.

-'Primavera 2014' (TP) Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Australia

-'Reading Solaris to The Great Moorool', (TP) 2014 Tarrawarra Biennial: Whisper In My Mask Tarrawarra Museum of Art, Victoria, Australia

-'Motel Dreaming', (TP) Dark Mofo, Hobart, Australia.

-'Framework 1: Extrasensory Bonds', (TP) insitu, Berlin, Germany

-'Dream Recital', (TP) White Nights, National Gallery of Victoria, Australia



-'Dreaming The Arabian Sea', (TP) (en)counters, Mumbai, India

-'Dream Paintings' (TP) Studio 12, Gertrude Contemporary


-'Dreaming The Collection', (TP) for ‘Melbourne Now’, National Gallery of Victoria, Australia

-'The Telepathy Project', (TP) remotespace, Barcelona, Spain

-'Dream Studio', (TP) Gertrude Studio’s 2013 Exhibition, Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne, Australia



-'Funny Face', Ryan Renshaw, Brisbane Australia

-'The Telepathy Project', Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

-'Fold Me', Fehily Contemporary, Melbourne, Australia


-'Ode To Form', West Space, Melbourne, Australia

-'Gertrude Studio’s 2012' Exhibition Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne, Australia

-'Small Room with Animals and Humans', MARS Gallery, Melbourne, Australia



-'Material Conversion', (TP) Grimmuseum, Berlin, Germany

-'Telepathy and Love', (TP) OZCO Apartment Barcelona, Spain

-'Fehily Contemporary Opening', Fehily Contemporary, Melbourne, Australia

-'Speech Objects', (TP) Musée de l’Objet, Blois, France

-'Telepathy and Love', (TP) West Space, Melbourne, Australia

-'RBS Emerging Artist Award Finalist Exhibition', Sydney, Australia

-'Art for Science', Nellie Castan Melbourne, Australia



-'HeadHunters', Fehily Temporary, Melbourne, Australia


-'Monumental Effect', Death Be Kind, Melbourne Australia

-'Things I Wish I’d Known', West Space, Melbourne Australia

-'Melbourne Art Fair', for Fehily Contemporary, Melbourne, Australia

-'Schadenfreude', TCB, Melbourne, Australia

-'Structural Integrity', Next Wave Festival, Melbourne, Australia

-'TableLampChairBigPainting', Margret Lawrence Gallery, curated by Nicki Wynnychuk, Melbourne, Australia

-'The Aesthetics of Joy', WestSpace, curated by Bernhard Sachs and Brad Haylock, Melbourne, Australia



-'SUGAFAINT', for Slide , Gertrude Contemporary Art Space, curated by Matthew Shannon, Melbourne, Australia

-'Seppuku', Lindberg Contemporary Art, Melbourne, Australia

-'Erotica', Spilioti Projects, Athens, curated by Tessie Spilioti, Athens, Greece

-'Transformation' (TP), Moving Galleries/Creative Spaces, Australia

-'Once More With Feeling' (TP),VCA Margret Lawrence Gallery, curated by Meredith Turnbul, Melbourne, Australia

-'Murdoch Travelling Fellowship Exhibition', VCA Margret Lawrence Gallery, Melbourne, Australia



-'The Telepathy Project' (TP), for the 2008 Next Wave Festival. Forum Theatre, Melbourne, Australia.

-'Seymour', West Space, Melbourne, Australia

-'The Prosthetic Animal', CUBE 37, Melbourne, Australia


-'Team Australia', Carlton Hotel, curated by Veronica Tello, Melbourne, Australia

-'Stand-in', Kings ARI , curated by Kings ARI, Melbourne, Australia

-'Electromagnetic Imaginary' (TP), Spectrum Project Space, Perth, Australia.



-'You Are Probably My Favourite Person In The Whole World' (TP), The Academy, curated by Hooray For Humans Long Beach California, USA.

-'Provisional Investigations' (TP), George Paton Gallery, curated by Melanie Irwin, Melbourne, Australia

-'Geek Chic 2.0' @ Loop, Loop, curated by Alex Gibson, Melbourne, Australia

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-'Telepathy Lecture' (TP), Federation Hall, VCA, Melbourne, Australia

-'WOOD : The Telepathy Project Group Show' (TP), IIBL , Melbourne, Australia.


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