Telapathy and Love The Spanish Apartment (The Telepathy Project)


The Telepathy Project

Ms&Mr (husband and wife), Anastasia Klose and Elizabeth Presa (mother and daughter), A Constructed World (an intimate couple and long term collaborators) and Luca Pucci (one of ACW’s young associates), Lizzy Newman and Justin Clemens (Melbourne Lacanian colleagues), Ross Coulter and Meredith Turnbull (recently married artists), Nicki Wynnychuk and Matthew Shannon (contemporaries; same art school, Gertrude residency…), Simon Pericich, Anna Hess and Christelle Faucoulanche (studied together and worked in defunct collective) and INRI Cristo and his disciples (religious leader and disciples).

A unique opportunity came up to test the strategy that telepathy and love are interrelated when Sean and Veronica embarked on a three month Australia Council for the Arts residency in Barcelona in 2011. Sharing a small apartment and studio, eating and working and travelling together for an extended period of time, our early performances suddenly got serious. As part of the residency The Telepathy Project held an exhibition in Barcelona that we named Telepathy and Love: The Spanish Apartment. It opened up the questions surrounding the conjoining of telepathy and love by inviting a selection of people in familiar intimate relationships to make work together that we would install in the domestic space of our apartment and then open to the public. The invitation to the exhibition read:

Mothers, daughters, husbands, wives, lovers, colleagues, disciples, friends; telepathy most certainly works, but does it work best between people that are intimately connected?

Australia Council for the Arts