20 days of Dream Telepathy (The Telepathy Project)


The Telepathy Project

While on a residency together in Spain Sean and Veronica performed 20 days of Dream Telepathy.
Every evening before we went to sleep (in our bedrooms at opposite ends of the apartment) we would put something in an envelope and place it under the others pillow. We would then dream on this all night and in the morning would meet in the studio and recount the nights remembered dreams to each other. We would then open the envelope from the night before to see if the image inside had seeped into or influenced the dream.
The picture in each image is what was put under the dreamers pillow. The writing describes the nights dream.Some of these dreams were made into collaborative dream paintings on our return to Australia and these can be seen after each note.

The original notes were shown in 2011 in Berlin at the Grimmsmuseum in a show curated by Lauren Reid called Material Conversions http://laurenkreid.com/Material-Conversion-1

The complete work was first shown at Gertrude Contemporary in Melbourne Australia in 2013 http://www.gertrude.org.au/exhibitions/gallery-11/past-14/studio-12–veronica-kent-and-sean-peoples–dream-paintings.phps

In 2014 the complete work was re-shown at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney for PRIMAVERA http://www.mca.com.au/exhibition/primavera-2014-young-australian-artists/

Gertrude Contemporary, The Museum of Contempoaray Art, Grimmsmuseum.